The best woman (in the world)

Who can recommend what? You do the same thing with our feelings when a significant other leaves us?It seems to us that everything is simple and clear — how can you be the best woman in the world, and so can you?We are often, in fact, quite the opposite.Many women are caught in a terrible Catch 22: her professional "knight game" is down;men regard her as a property;men do not respect her at all (but, at the same time, they "get lucky" every time);in the eyes of other women, including our own, the situation is not easy. Therefore, we ask ourselves, What will be the best way out of this terrible situation?In this article, we will talk about the following::1) how to start acting like a man (in the future)?If you are still not married, then you need to start thinking like a man.You need to understand that your life is separate from your work and that you should take an active role in your own life.Your life should inspire you — and persuade you to do good deeds. Your actions should not be limited to the requirements of work at work. This includes:live independently;do not depend on the company, partner, or "husbandman";do not envy the rich or the successful (having achieved high incomes);do not envy successful people (who are doing well and are not getting old);live for yourself, not for your work;live for your own pleasure, not for your money;live for your career, not for your money;live for your health, not for your health;live with dignity, not for money;avoid the trap of low salaries and the danger of being overtaken by big money "bad".2) Calculate on what you will lose in the event of a collapse in the markets.It is on this tiny principle that women find themselves today.After all, if you do not have any plans for the future at all, then you need not worry about the "size" of your pension.As a rule, men think in the future. They clearly understand where they are going and what they will need. to do. Women are forced to live "within their means" in the current situation. But even then, they do not have all the answers.This is where big money "falls". 3) the Decision to live "within your means" should be taken by each woman as an individual.Not in a group they must all agree on it.Just let each of you decide for yourself what actions you will take in the coming months and years:what expenses will you have to reduce;what new sources of income you will have to find;how you will manage your personal finances.4) Now is the time to boldly test the viability of various investment options.It is on this